User Friendly

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A verse I laid down for OBV records song User Friendly during the production stages. Never made the final cut of the song.


Can’t inject it in my veins, I’m feeling this pleasant pain, it goes straight to effect my brain, whenever she says my name, so I take a hit it’s getting me through the day, when I feel her lips it takes me to a place, that I use to escape, that I use to erase, that I use to replace any feelings that I hate, but I can’t take it I’m facing the withdrawals now, it’s been near a month since she came and cleared her drawers out, life’s so empty when she’s not around, I’s up 10 feet but now I’m coming down, falling at a speed and the grounds a foreign object, can’t find it in the streets I’m not ready to be off it, I’m turning down other offers, it’s crazy we just swivelled like a chair up in the office, she was like my ecstasy, I talk like she’s still next to me, she’s nothing but an ex to me, I miss her having sex with me, you can never put a price on it, love is a drug and I feel I’ll waste my life on it, I’m honest so I’ll say that I’m a drug addict, love has it’s up and downs but any how I must have it, I need it in my system, tryna get away but I’m hooked she’s been fishin’, if only we were fixed because I need my daily fix, even though this crazy bitch has me feeling lost as shit she’s the cure.


from Word Smith, released October 13, 2016
Lyrics written and performed by Dillon Lamb
Vocal Engineering by Smith
Produced by Brains Mcloud and all credit to OBV Records.




Dilz Foxton, New Zealand

Dilz - New Zealand Hip Hop artist.

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