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Tryna get by with my head held high, like I’m looking for the sky but instead it’s like I’m blind, as I’m searching for this hope that I feel I’ll never find, mind frame is never mind, walking up a slope that many try to climb, while I’m waiting to be signed or any type of sign, I’m not in for the cash, not a penny or a dime, not many if any seem to wanna give me time, but I have to persevere, look I’ve been to rock bottom and I kept a souvenir, they’ve been tryna take my heart little girl shoot a dear, and I’m yet to make a buck but it will soon appear, pretty soon you will hear me, those at the top pretty soon they will fear me, making moves so clearly, bout to blow up like boom are you ready? stuck in a time warp, minds in a psych ward, people always at me like why do you rhyme for, when I’m hearing this it’s like I wanna write more, take them all to school so find me a whiteboard, crunch time gotta tight core, life is a battle every day we all fight wars, think about the shit we hold in just to drive forward, going head first while I’m jumping off the dive board,

Underrated is an understatement, if you underestimate I’ll give a tombstone like the undertaker, I’m underpaid and overworked even contemplated, tryna sell my soul it’s complicated, it’s like all these voices congregate, inside my head and have a conversation, and I’m stuck in the middle, I learnt that no one gives a fuck when your little, so I walk on my tippy toes, shoes untied I’ll never be tripping though, right on a different note, my best rhyme isn’t written bro, but stick around for the listen, they say that nothing’s free but a chance can be given


from Word Smith, released October 13, 2016
Lyrics written and performed by Dillon Lamb
Vocal Engineering by Smith
Remix to Tom Francis - The End of the Start




Dilz Foxton, New Zealand

Dilz - New Zealand Hip Hop artist.

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