Ghetto Qu'ran

from by Dilz

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Lord forgive me, for I’ve sinned, over and over again just to stay on top. I recall memory filled with sin, over and over again.. And again and again and again.

I’m not talking bout Bernard’s as I’ve never been a saint, if I didn’t have rap then I doubt i’d be sane, safe to say it’s the same strange feeling that I face, used to think this was a phase still I’m writing on a page, it’s relinquishing my rage helps to keep it to a minimal, thinking i’d be cynical if not for this option, miserable and wrecked when my stress becomes visible, I calm myself down when I start connecting syllables, the lyrics I have written in the past when I down buzz, the feelings that went and filled my heart when I found love, happy or sad i’ve expressed it in a rap, and instead of getting mad I put a pencil to a pad, now imagine what could’ve happened without this, out let to let out the feelings that are bottled up inside of me, you’d see another side of me, my backs against the wall and I’m my biggest rivalry, hand breaks down if you ride with me, and no i’m not perfect and look I never try to be, the irony when tryna be the best, is that yes people love to see you fail, they will snap you if your frail, I’ll prevail, dropping bars like it’s jail, they’re talking bout slugs and shells like a snail, but me I keep it real all that other shit is stale, putting money on the scales, look my soul is not for sale.


from Word Smith, released October 13, 2016
Lyrics written and performed by Dillon Lamb
Vocal Engineering by Smith
Remix to 50 Cent - Ghetto Qu'ran




Dilz Foxton, New Zealand

Dilz - New Zealand Hip Hop artist.

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