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A collection of mostly older already released tracks over the past year or so that have previously been uploaded to youtube and other sharing sites. There is however a couple of new, unheard tracks on the project as well. This Mixtape is more of a platform so people have somewhere to download those previously released tracks directly from me. The title "Scrapbook" comes due to the mixtape almost completely being dedicated to my unused, "Scrapped" tracks from an upcoming project of mine titled "Lost and Found". Hope you enjoy some new and old music of mine :)


released February 6, 2016

Mixing and Mastering for a majority of the Mixtape done by Justin Snodgrass on be half of Definitely Loud Entertainment. Gotta rap - Mixed and Mastered by Shoaib Sam Smith. Give Me Your Hand - Mixed and Mastered by Noah Jon Panagia.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Dilz Foxton, New Zealand

Dilz - New Zealand Hip Hop artist.

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Track Name: Losing My Mind
Lately when it comes to rap I’m emotionless, working on this album but it’s not where my focus is, I’m over it, see I’m really tryna balance it, fit it in my life but I’m not that talented, time is precious, let me skip to the message, it’s hard to find the time to rhyme despite my best efforts, so I’m gonna shelf it, I know I’m sounding selfish, but lets be real am I ever gonna sell shit? Who’s gonna purchase my merchandise, walk around with lyrics from a verse of mine, and name as a shirt design, nah I don’t see it happening, like martin luther king see I used to think I had a dream, wait I’m awake and it takes but a minute, to realize what I started is all about to finish, I just don’t have the time and I’m not that committed, all things considered now my message here’s delivered

This was never in the plan I understand but I can’t rap, knowing that I’m forcing it it’s not where my hearts at, damn, never thought it’d come to this, was storming through the door and the steps I took were thunderous, then fast as lightening felt the rain on my parade, every thought I had was cloudy as I think about the sun I miss, yea, am I talking to myself? Heal the wounds made it big and they say it really helped, but I’ve got a hundred other songs that took my time and effort, though my closest friends can’t even find the time to check it, I’m feeling like my hope is gone, got a girl I love and it’s her that I’ll focus on, working on a farm filled with pigs it’s ironic though, as working with the police is the route that I wanna go, but I promise that I’ll grab the pen and finish what I started if I get the urge to rap again
Track Name: Gotta Rap
11th of December been awhile since I dropped a track, so I’m feeling like I gotta rap, this doesn’t gotta topic so I’m only being honest when I’m saying that I’m laying down these vocals off the top it’s a lie yea, but it sounded good, I’m happy like a stoner when your giving him a pound of kush, brooo, I’ll try explain my absence, something gets me down and then another thing it happens, still with all the set backs I’ve been working on my rappin’, so this will be my message for my fans that think I haven’t, it’s tragic imagine when I try to write a song, always lost for words ‘fore I know it yo the night is gone, I might be wrong but I’m working hard I’m writing still, lost for a minute I’ve been searching now I’m finding dilz, shit, been arrested now a couple times, fighting when I have too and they treat it like a fucking crime, I’ve changed that I know, say I’ll change but I won’t, the person that I’m he’s not the same as before, though I’ll always try and spread a message that is positive, now I not afraid to speak out on some honest shit, I’m about to question god, hate the government and call it out, speak on different rappers, show my fans what it’s all about, album in the works so shout out goes to defloud, doing what they do to help me find my best sound, something to admit me and eedee need to spit, it’s like we’ve gone and split but he’s working on his shit, sorta like he’s constipated doesn’t seem to push it out, wish me luck 2 we really need to put it out, fuck, it’s hard to find the time to write, my heart my mind you’ll find they’re right, half the time I rhyme it’s like, is this a sign to drop the mic? And then I think no not tonight, my problems like I can’t decide, if rapping’s what is made for me, basically, I needed space to breathe and now I’ve had that breath, inhaled what I needed now it’s time for me to take a step, now it’s time for me to take a step cus I’m feeling like I gotta rap.
Track Name: Give Me Your Hand (Feat. Noah Jon)
I’ve been holding my own, standing my ground, now I hit the stage and face the crowd with a smile, as I think of where I come from and everything that’s made me, everything I’ve been through and how my parents raised me, trials, tribulations, moments sure have tested patience, consequences, reprocations, built myself a reputation, got myself an education, now I just express myself with lyrics over beat percussions, hoping i’m the next to make it, surrounded by a dark side, growing up I wouldn’t say I had a hard life, but I never lived on easy street, leave a piece of me on every beat that I’ve touched so my history is not a mystery it’s in plain sight, giving you a feel through my words what the pains like, if you gave a hand through my life i’ma hold it close, love is a drug now i feel i’ma overdose

(Noah Jon)
see i got a hand if someone needa hold it
i got a shoulder you can lean on. if you need it in the moment
if you got any tears then let em out and expose it
let it out don’t control it
home is where the heart is, but i see you lookin homeless
and i can fuckin tell you cuz trust me dawg i know it
ive been through it, and ive shown it
there’s some shit i cant let go with
this shit in forever motion
and these memories, they floatin in my head and i cant focus
Track Name: Catfish
All my mates had it so I went onto the market place, tinder was the app, I download it and I start to play, swiping right became a habit do it almost half the day, doesn’t matter if they’re ugly showing only half their face, finally an app that’s gonna get me slays, even hit a stage I was getting matches every day, no matter what I say though it never seems to get me laid, every chick hates and they’re wanting me to give them space, then I found a babe and our numbers we exchanged, added her on snapchat and everything it changed, it was different from her page, I got catfished to the days cus it was a different face now her number isn’t saved, but it didn’t put me off I just have to start again, so I’m loading up the app make some changes to my page, tell them that I rap have a pic of me on stage, bio is updated I’m preparing now for all the matches, think it’s common knowledge girls they always fall for rappers, what has happened? They still don’t want to talk to me, send a message saying hey and then I’m waiting awkwardly, I’m giving up, the chicks I’ve had there’s not a lot, I realize now I’ve gotta stop, i’m switching now to hot or not, before I uninstall it I decide to try my luck again, never swiping right as it’s only coming up with men, what the fuck, I think robert changed my preferences, was a little scared but decide to check my messages, there it is, I’ve matched with over 20 guys, half of them have messaged hi and some I even recognise, I’m done, I’ll no longer use the internet, been a few months and I’ve had no luck with tinder yet, every chicks pic is them pouting with some duck lips, some miss their face and the pic of them is just tits, slutty or they’re ugly never matching with the hunnys and it’s funny cus I still have the app on my phone, thumb is swiping right yo i’m back in my zone, I must be doing something wrong, should be getting chicks ‘stead of making this fucking song, I’m out
Track Name: Broken Dreams
Sir name is lamb but I’m counting sheep, tryna chase a dream but you’ll never see me sound asleep, the mountains steep, the slope is what I’m tryna climb, I take another step every time I go and write a rhyme, it’s Everest cus I feel I’ll never conquer it, and then I think of Edmund and I think of his accomplishment, honest it is motivation knowing I can show the nation, faces they’ll be proud to know I’m bout to blow I’m bound for greatness, see I’m a dick that wasn’t cockiness, I know I have a talent I was pointing out the obvious, working full time and a sickness they have set me back, I’m making up for it by putting everything in every rap, so my aunties time is limited, it opened up my eyes, this is life and I’m living it, while I’m still alive I’ll get the pieces to the puzzle and I’ll put my dreams together that were broken in the struggle

Getting asked the question, what’s wrong with ya, tryna chase a dream but I’m faced with this insomnia, can barely fall asleep got the blankets pulled right over me, pillow on my cheek still my bodies saying no to sleep, thinking I’m the only one, tryna take a shot in the dark without a loaded gun, my flaws they have noticed some, pouring out my heart in my lyrics they have quoted none, got an album in development, a voice inside my head is telling me there ain’t no selling it, I’m starting to agree you a see a song I drop for free, it gets some views with it’s release and then it comes to a stand still, I’m wanting them to stan dilz but they can’t stand dilz, dumped from a height dropped straight into a land fill, it’s more than I can handle, this weight is on my shoulders feel I’m walking with an anvil

When it comes to life only thing that I am sure of’s death, Tryna chase a dream but I’m slowly getting short of breath, inhale on a asthma pump, when I hold the mic on the stage it’s with a fractured thumb, that’s my personal life, alone in this world only person alive, reflection of my pain with these words that I write, in attempt to soar free like a bird when it flies, coming from New Zealand where the hip hop scene is non existent, sometimes wanna quit but I’m knowing it’s the wrong decision, I’ll lose respect if i diss scribe, could also make a name see confusions what I describe, went to sleep and had a dream now I’m trying to pursue it, I just don’t know how to do it, guess I’ll go and take some sleeping pills, force myself to dream now the fans all are screaming Dilz
Track Name: Best Friend
Stuck in this position and I don’t know what to do, butterflies are flying every time I look at you, knowing everything about me and still you see me through, I want you to be mine and I promise that is true, you get a long with my crew, this is long overdue, but, thought it’s bout time see this song is for you, it is me being honest and admitting my emotions, see girl I promise I will you give my devotion, I’m knowing all your flaws but of course they are nothing, when up against the pros that I’m always discovering, and something I’ve noticed and I’m knowing that you know this, but we’re flirting and we cuddle and it’s got me losing focus, your closer to my heart than the necklace that I wear, sometimes I really wish that the friendship wasn’t there, I could tell you that I like you forget about the fear, of losing what we have if what I feel you didn’t share.

I’ve got feelings for my best friend, wrote her out a text but I couldn’t seem to press send, really wanna let her know, but I’m scared to let it show

Thinking every day am I too in the friend zone? Wanna make a move I can’t lose you as a friend though, I’ve dropped you subtle hints thinking can you please react, your touch and your smile is an aphrodisiac, yet we haven’t even kissed feel your lips are out of bounds, your laugh is what I miss when your not around, love the sound of it, always happy and cheerful, tryna keep it low but I’m through being careful, I wanna say your name but I’m scared it’s gonna change us, will what we have remain if we don’t share the same love? Wait, I know I need to take the risk, been thinking how to tell you every second I’ve been making this, k, I need to get it off my chest, hope you don’t think any less, and I haven’t made a mess of our friendship, what I have to say is endless, Raeteesha see I like you right and that is how I’ll end this.
Track Name: Kissing in the Moonlight
Won’t see tomorrow cus the night is feeling infinite, romance was a joke I was never really into it, but I’ve got the candles lit tryna make it intimate, hoping that the night goes without incident, tryna make you lost for words I’ve hidden all the dictionaries, picturing the smile on your face I’m a visionary, making that my goal I’m doing what is necessary, love is a science I’m feeling we have chemistry, consider this the lab and I’m tryna be your partner, I’ll paint a picture vivid I ain’t talking bout the marker, you brought a spark of hope when my life was getting darker, your precious like a pearl huh no harbor, I’ll treat you like a treasure I’m not tryna be a pirate, head in the clouds I’m not tryna be a pilot, we’ll keep it to ourselves whatever happens while in private, every moment that we spend together girl is priceless

Kissing in the moon light, got me loving you like, got me loving you like, got me loving you like girl to me you mean the world (x2)

See a shooting star there’s no need to make a wish though, your everything I’ve wanted from your head to your big toe, need a gust of wind when your leaving help the kiss blow, ending every text that I sent with an “xo”, spend time like a currency, stay away from mainstream we’re making our own current see, I see you in my future I’m not just thinking currently, this will be a night to remember girl come with me, I’ma take you places you ain’t never been before, student of geography these places you were never taught, treat me as a teacher and I’m opening the door, to a world you didn’t know about this happens when I’m yours, whenever your away heart aches cus it’s missing you, happy that it happened though it’s something that we didn’t choose, the purpose of this song is so you have this here to listen to, remind you of the all that I’m always gon be given you

Kissing in the moon light, got me loving you like, got me loving you like, got me loving you like girl to me you mean the world (x2)

Flash back to the start of the day, I awaken you were next to me, ever since that moment in the morning had me falling I’ve been feeling I’m on ecstasy, you’re the best thing to happen, that is no exhaduration, picturing my future and your in it that’s definite not imagination, paranoid of losing you I guess that’s just a side effect, haven’t really slept since I got you in my life always up never time for bed, and when I’m feeling down your kiss always brings me up, love is a drug showing symptoms of a user and tonight’s another fix for us

Kissing in the moon light, got me loving you like, got me loving you like, got me loving you like girl to me you mean the world (x2)
Track Name: Fire Squad
Opportunity is knocking and I’m answering the door, see it opens with hello and then I plant one on it’s jaw, look I’m tryna catch a break and it’s handing me a lure, but I’m choosing to ignore cus you never can be sure anymore, what anybody’s motives are, rapping is a noticed art, looking like it’s Noah’s arc, I feel it’s overcrowded, like every kid with a bad mouth knows about it, got a hand in the air but I doubt my vote is counted, I’ve lost count of the problems I’ve encountered, but if I was to count it that’ll prove that there’s been countless, times but it’s time to counteract, a contracts what they’re after here’s how to manage that, remove a couple letters but you keep the rest in tact, it’s a simple fact that I’m gunning for first place, contestants overlapped and I’m running reverse mate, they’re rapping for a month, a few days and two hours, aiming at these cowards like a plane at two towers, this is known to the public, I won’t be a puppet, threw a thorny flower upwards, understand? I rose above it, no experience with bars but claim they’re next level, their experience bar has left me less settled, I’ll get this off my chess see I’m board of their antics, acting way above us like they’re born in an attic, torn between passive and swarming the masses, with a sword and hatchet, I won’t bury yet I’m hauling a casket, I’m performing an act which, I slaughter the average, the whores and the bastards, no one could match this, and I’ma tell you now don’t ever give me possibly, I’m all about the definite don’t fuck around with probably, if what I say is rich well at least it’s not in poverty, listen I’m different better keep your distance I’m given this all I’ve got cus I’m driven to do this properly, and home is where the heart is find my heart is in my music so I’m telling all these rappers stay the fuck up off my property, you go in half assed like a bum cheek (bum cheek), then you think you’ve cracked it after one week (one week), but your music’s shitty like some undies (undies), now that is an image I can’t unsee, go and get a job and awaken from your dream, doing someone’s lawn is how your raking in the green, I’ve got the stitch as I’m running shit daily, you’ve got the stitch cus your breaking at the seams, I reign supreme I’ve had a thunderous entrance, I’m the monster from your dreams I’ve been under the bed since, oh, I’m here in the present, your feeling my presence and hating my essence, grab hands with hozier, take yourself to church and hope your ass gets holier, if you look to god I am that, i’m a solider I’ma go down with the Anzacs
Track Name: In This Moment (Feat. Ashleigh Munn)
2012 in biology, I’m staring at a girl who’s like a goddess from mythology, dreaming yea I’ve gotta be, stunning but I wanna get to know her inner qualities, we’re talking through our class no attention to the teacher, as I look into her eyes then I’m side tracked by her features, know these feelings could get deeper I have a set back, girlfriend at the time probably should’ve never said that, but I see her every day she puts a smile across my face, doesn’t matter either way I’ll let these feelings go to waste, it’s probably for the best, didn’t tell her how I felt kept it all up on my chest, instead I went through class trying to pretend, I didn’t wanna write about her every time I held the pen, like I didn’t wanna kiss her on the moment class would end, that I didn’t have feelings for this girl I called my friend

Next year she went to college in another town, she was still on my mind though, thought about her nearly every day, never thought she would be mine though, chilled at the park that was quality time, but it grew a set of wings cus it honestly flied, though we started getting close started hanging at our homes and nearly every single night we’d go to sleep while on the phone, having her in my life went from want to a need, and that girl that I was seeing I was finally freed, on went the weeks now my feelings are deep, wanna tell her how I feel every time that we speak, at the end of ’14 we were closer than ever, after all of these years we were finally together, now she’s by my side every night that I sleep, so I wake up every morning to the girl of my dreams
Track Name: Hometown
Poltergeists are walking, welcome to a ghost town, walking down the street your hearing absolutely no sound, did I mention it’s my hometown? I’m taking you to foxton now I’m giving you the low down, populations at a minimum, if your wanting macas then you’ll only find it in Levin, it’s the town that I’m living in, crack getting dealt and the kids are dealing riddilin, drug paraphernalia, some doing well but the average here is failure, look I don’t know what to say to ya, most hop the ditch start again in Australia, there isn’t many opportunities in the fox community money talks and we’ll never speak it fluently, you will see what I’m talking bout the moment you step foot in this town you’ll be walking out, walking out

Yea I’m always feeling trapped, I wanna leave this town there’ll be no looking back now, instead I sit around with a frown on my face looking down on this place, I’m tryna get away see I’m waiting for the day I escape from my hometown, that’s my problem it’s my hometown, right now I welcome you to Foxton yea my hometown

Been here nearly 20 years, that’s my whole life, wanna move away need the money gotta hold tight, got my girl for those cold nights, but I got lucky finding her like I rolled dice, what I mean by that is she’s attractive, most others girl in this town are looking backwards, on a serious note, the amount of people on the dole without a job is a joke, I mean I’m nil with the hope, half the people are broke the other half are holding on but getting burnt from the rope, New world the only place to get our groceries, only place to work so all the staff in there are knowing me, knowingly I act like I’m transparent, everybody’s known from the kids to the grandparents, they judge us by our family, problems with relations and they hang us from our family tree

Yea I’m always feeling trapped, I wanna leave this town there’ll be no looking back now, instead I sit around with a frown on my face looking down on this place, I’m tryna get away see I’m waiting for the day I escape from my hometown, that’s my problem it’s my hometown, right now I welcome you to Foxton yea my hometown
Track Name: No Matter What (Feat. Daniac)
Sitting here alone on my chair with my headphones covering my ears as I glare into space, another beat I replay through the hours of the night, knowing what I wanna say way before I start to write, then I grab myself a pen, here we go once again, it’s the start of something new I can’t wait to see the end, as I’m writing up my verse as I put together words, take a break for a minute, right, now it’s off to work, see i’m working 9 - 5, 24 to the 7, and i’m only 19, there’s a door I’m tryna get in, I’m a student full time, every weekend on the job, every day I have is busy, so all this time is lost, but i’m working on my craft every chance that I get, writing in my spare time till my palms feel the sweat, and no matter what they tell me I’ma never call it quits, till I’m living out a dream you see my all is what I’ll give

now I start to stare at the words I have scribbled down, putting them in order for a verse I have to figure out, the subject can just spin around, tryna get the ears perking up like they’re Mickie mouse, huh, got this song and I love it, anxious I imagine the reaction from the public, hearing it the first time, the flow with the first rhyme, connecting all the dots with these lyrics it’s a word find, wait now it’s work time, damn it’s the worse time, have to up and leave gonna need to rehearse lines, back to course tomorrow where’s it fit into the schedule? wanna keep on going as I know it’s something special, I’m working on my craft every chance that I get, writing in my spare time till my palms feel the sweat, and no matter what they tell me I’ma never call it quits, till I’m living out a dream you see my all is what I’ll give
Track Name: So Damn Hard (Feat. Justin Snodgrass)
Guy Fawkes been and gone with you I see these sparks fly, correct me if I’m wrong were you an angel in your past life? Anything with you seems to be my favourite pass time, love is the answer don’t ask why, I question this aggression that we’re sharing got me stressing as it’s messing with our time and you say you there’s a confession, so you throw out this suggestion saying maybe you should go we put each other second, then you mention how your reckon that I’ll finally get the message and you leave me with your necklace, as you put it black and white like the board we use for checkers, time stands still like I shot it with a freeze ray, you say you have to leave I’m begging you to please stay, you say that’s not an option you love me but you need space, only been an hour it’s feeling like it’s 3 days, see babe, I can’t live without you here

Treat you like a queen its becoming second nature, moneys not a thing see it as a piece of paper, then you go and last out saying I should hate ya, always let it slide but I do it for the greater good, look, I’m in it for the long run, like a marathon I hope you get that ‘fore the songs done, you act like every fight your doing nothing bad, even if it’s not my fault I’m used as a punching bag, the gloves that your wearing they have minimal padding, when shit gets heated any minute your packing, instead of us laughing we’re going separate ways can’t believe this is happening, for the fourth time inside a week, I know what we’re lacking, chatting, communication is key, but we’ve got a locked door it’s the space that we need, your wanting to breathe, that’s what you believe,

Sitting here alone on the bed staring at my phone, waiting for a text or the sound of the ringer tone, trapped in my thoughts like a net on my brain, I feel like every time we say never again, but it happens I guess we can’t help that, imagine our lives if emotions could be held back, every time we fight minds finding out where hells at, people on the outside probably thinking how sad, but they don’t know what it’s like, (nah) they don’t understand all the reasons we fight, (they don’t) even with a kick I’m never living your side, (never) when we hit a dark spot we’re seeing the light, (aye) when your not around there’s freeze in the time, (I’m stuck) can’t live without you put the freedom aside (yup), can’t sleep without you so I need you at night (please) , it’s clear you’re the girl that I need in my life