by Dilz

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A sequel mixtape to 2013's "Renovation". The whole project is solely myself rapping over other artists instrumental.


released June 27, 2016

All lyrics written by Dillon Lamb
Vocal Engineering done by Dillon Lamb, Justin Snodgrass, Jess Johns, Noah Jon, Chris Braham and Shoaib Smith



all rights reserved


Dilz Foxton, New Zealand

Dilz - New Zealand Hip Hop artist.

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Track Name: Infinite
Flirting with death and we’re slowly getting intimate, then I met a bitch named life and I’m not that into it, music to my ears I don’t even need an instrument, thinking of a number in between one and infinite, I treat my haters like a syndicate, and since I kid I’ve had an image in my head of what I will achieve before I finish with, building my accomplishments, growing with my confidence and proving what a conscience is, drifting in and out of consciousness, dream of better ways improving my incompetence, no one’s perfect, and I never mean to contradict but I’m aiming for perfection no matter what the cost of it, a king bed cus I dream big, building on a buzz and beyond like wee kid

I’m infinite, you heard of hell well I was sent from it, I went to it serving a sentence for murdering instruments, now I'm trying to repent from it, but when I hear the beat I'm tempted to make another attempt at it, I’m infinite

First name is Jack, last name is shit, that’s somebody only you would know, I keep him off the list, he don’t get an invitation that’s an indication, I keep it real where I’m from there’s no imitations, I’ve been in your faces like a pimple keep it simple, I would turn the other cheek and you would only see a dimple, bars are cold like a heart or soul, be grateful that your here take care here’s some argan oil, I think I’m yet to show my full potential, never make a move unless I know it’s monumental, I’m reaching for the stars and they say there’s a limit, the sky is the top but I’m staying up in it, going further and beyond cus I’m knowing that it’s limitless, opportunities, well I’m knowing that they’re infinite

I’m infinite, you heard of hell well I was sent from it, I went to it serving a sentence for murdering instruments, now I'm trying to repent from it, but when I hear the beat I'm tempted to make another attempt at it, I’m infinite
Track Name: Same Love (Feat. Lilo)
Growing up you could call me close-minded, if one could see love in the same sex they’re both blinded, I used to think this I had no time for it, now I see love and realize I’m the one who’s blind to it, had a girlfriend for most of my college years, if you could change the past I’d be the first to volunteer, not because regret but because I didn’t treat her right, when she was in a dark place I’s supposed to be her light, instead I was selfish, I always put myself first, want to sort my own life before I tried to help hers, after 3 years we split and I was left confused, met a couple girls after this that I guess I used, but I’d always hurt them I couldn’t get my feelings sorted, I just wanted them to like me so I’d feel important, I felt so withdrawn, this is when I realized love is really what we live for.

So it left me with a damaged mind alcohol will help the mend, kept it to myself I didn’t even tell my friends, couldn’t get it up when a girl tried having sex with me, couldn’t catch feelings and honestly it messed with me, having a girl for years then having nothing, left me with this constant feeling of missing something, unhappy with a partner but I’m miserable single, needing me a soul mate just give me a signal, I’m not the single type I had now accepted, like I’s in the mirror staring back I did some self reflection, if you find somebody your in love with, it’s an odd feeling what you feel you gotta trust it, see, love is something that we can’t decide, even though it’s beating these emotions prove our hearts alive, whether it’s the same sex or someone that you shouldn’t see, you don’t wanna look back thinking bout what could’ve been.

As a human we are born with these emotions, tryna find someone who deserves our devotion, and when you find someone that you know you are happy with, that is the day you will find true happiness, see love is something we could never purchase, it goes a lot deeper than what we learn at churches, we all have the feeling but don’t get to choose the person, perfection don’t exist but in your eyes you see them perfect, earlier I mentioned being blind to it, but loves meaning, I think I’m finally finding it, love isn’t sex or any other factor, it’s when you have each other and that’s the only thing that matters.
Track Name: Panda
I don’t know why I’m doing this, acting a fool like I’m tryna be Ludacris, damn, it’s time to start proving shit, I’m knowing the beat goes hard what the fuck did he do with it, he went and said panda in every bar why the fuck would he ruin it, since the start of the year I’ve been finding it harder to manage my patience, listening once you could already tell the beat to panda was wasted, my name is desiigner I’m hoping to blow, I only have one track though do you think it will show, they gave him the freshman cover shit that mag is a joke, it just fell on his lap, every bar that he raps it’s with a frog in his throat, dabbing’s aggressively spreading, what’s the message he’s sending? I question the trend setting when do you reckon it’s ending? where are we going and how are we getting there? a car that looks like a panda with broads from atlanta that’s taking us everywhere, straight to the top with views in the millions, money and fame the world knowing my name that shit could be brilliant.
Track Name: Ill Lies of Foxton
I’m not fishing but I’ve caught your attention, I’ma bring to light one form of aggression, it’s known as domestic and I’m sort of against it, so lets you and I have a talk and assess it, lets do the math of the victims of maf, the numbers keep increasing and they’ve risen to mass, to say it isn’t happening that isn’t a fact, it really gets you thinking why they’re driven to snap, the answer could be drugs, drinks or a mixture, maybe they feel tough right after they’ve hit ya, maybe they’ve been bullied and it helps them feel bigger, but their partner shouldn’t be who they’re raising their fist ta, and there’s way to many girls now becoming a victim, thinking it’s a one time thing but it isn’t, thinking of excuses and some ways to fix him, if it still hasn’t changed then it’s time to listen, his fist should’ve dropped the first time it was risen, there shouldn’t be a reason that would make you forgive him, that’s not the type of person you should want to live with, keep in your life and raise some kids with, if your seeking help then these places exist, somewhere you can go that was made to assist, as there’s plenty mothers out their raising a kid, while their partner’s getting drunk and they’re raising their fists, talk to your family even though it is hard too, if you have a friend you can open your heart too, let them know what’s happening don’t do it alone, understand they’re only caring with every question they ask you, if you have a kid try and look through your daughters eyes, or your little boy who may repeat it cus he thought it’s right, it mightn’t be you doing anything to cause the fight, it has to be you that stands up to this awful guy, don’t fall for lies bout it being the last time, don’t let him use the “my day was to hard” line, pack your clothes, you have to go and make your escape, leaving him behind is when the hate is erased, and of course I understand that it’s harder than that, you fell in love with the guy now your heart is attached, but him hitting you that’s a cowardly act, and he’s nothing but a monster if that’s how he reacts, When I was 15 I used to live on the main road, went for a run then I seen the way home, an argument got heated and the guy just flipped out, he hit her so hard that her earring had ripped out, I was to scared I said nothing and froze up, I wish I could’ve helped but instead I had no guts, I kept her piece of jewellery to remember the day, and remind myself that hate is not a way to show love, and since then I’ve seen it happen to cousins, we let them in our families cus we naturally trust them, it doesn’t take long before they prove that we mustn’t, cheating then leaving them with a bruise and a cut lip, now recently I’ve been accused of abuse, when these lies are told we are losing the truth, there’s never been a day I’ve assaulted a female, lies are getting told they’re withholding the details, so yea I made this song so everybody could know the truth, in the long run I think this message is overdue, to the girls out there know your stronger than that, and to the guys that put them there your no longer a man, it doesn’t take strength and it doesn’t show muscle, beating on your girl then watching them struggle, watching them hurt physically, mentally, and the only reason is your not the man your meant to me, imagine this your little girl when she grows up, ends up with a guy who likes to hit to show love, just like you isn’t this ironic? how would you feel now lets be honest, that girl that your hitting that is somebody’s daughter, how does it feel being the cause of her trauma? and if you have a kid should they call you a father? wanna be like you? shit what would rather, be the type of guy that is ruining lives, or finally step up it’s up to you to decide, and for me domestic violence that is never an option, I’ll like to welcome ya’ll to the ill lies of Foxton.
Track Name: Hello
I just called to say hello and that I’m sorry, maybe we can talk things out i’ll get the coffee? I’m really hoping that this didn’t put you off me, there’s a price to pay but I hope your not what it cost me, help me shed some light like an oculus, looking on the bright side with binoculars, the love that we have for each other it is obvious, but will this work out? I’m an Optimist, we’ve been through some rough patches, stuff happens, but us, we’re constantly proving that love matters, and if love is a drug? I’m a drug addict, even when we’re in a rut, I must have it, now that’s saying something, when your saying nothing I’m still listening with open ears, over here waiting for your heart to talk so I can over hear, I hope it’s clear how much you mean to me, my phone is near the peak of it’s minutes, whether I like it or not this conversation is finished, have to keep living life I hope that your in it, I hope that your in it, my body wouldn’t function if it knows that we’re finished, I know the saying bout the ocean and fishes, but your a catch and I’m hooked so I hope that we fix this, I guess that almost all that I have to say, I’m at the play and I’m sorry that we act this way, we’re both not perfect, we can practice ay? as practice makes perfection, our direction is that magic place.
Track Name: My Love
Starting from the start, used to see you there in class, always capturing my eye like a work of art, was it even worth an ask, tryna get to know you, want us to be closer how this is I had no clue, then one day sharing convos and our notes too, then you saw my book couldn’t help but have a nose through, reading through my lyrics made me happy that is so true, somewhere down the line they turned to lyrics I had wrote you, as I started catching feelings, wasn’t even fishing don’t know what the deal is, sit in bed at night staring up at the ceiling, thinking of revealing all these feelings I’m concealing, but that wasn’t in the cards then, and you made it clear we were never going past friends, first time you said that half of my heart went, and never came back till you gave me hope again, we started getting closer, problems in our lives we talked it out and found closure, was always there for you, you were always there for me, feels like I’m riding one way up a roller coaster, I’ll meet you at the top, there we’ll stay forever we don’t ever have to drop, I wanna spend the rest of my life in this spot, I will give you all that I’ve got just watch.

I don’t give a fuck what the people that’s around you do believe, ain’t nobody else in the world that’s out there for you but me, ain’t nobody gon ride for you like I’ll ride for you my love, ain’t nobody gon die for you like I’ll die for you my love
I don’t give a fuck what the people that’s around you do believe, ain’t nobody else in the world that’s out there for you but me, ain’t nobody gon ride for you like I’ll ride for you my love, ain’t nobody gon die for you like I’ll die for you my love.

I knew you were the one I could never count to two, the more we had connected the more I found in you, that I loved, i felt the mountain move and thats when I knew nothing is impossible, feel myself falling when I land make it tropical, it hit me by surprise that the love of my life was sitting by my side in PE and biology who would’ve thought that I’d find her in a Foxton school, home is where the heart is, when your gone I feel home sick, when I saw you there in classes, I just wanted to be noticed, tryna get up out that friend zone all it takes is just one kiss, what I feel it is serious, your not just a girl that I’m tryna have fun with, I’m needing you to know that, I’m needing you so bad, passing you the ball and I know it’s not Thursday but I’m hoping that you throw back, just know I will catch whatever’s coming my way, joker of the class ‘round you I am quite but the whole time I had something to say.

I don’t give a fuck what the people that’s around you do believe, ain’t nobody else in the world that’s out there for you but me, ain’t nobody gon ride for you like I’ll ride for you my love, ain’t nobody gon die for you like I’ll die for you my love
I don’t give a fuck what the people that’s around you do believe, ain’t nobody else in the world that’s out there for you but me, ain’t nobody gon ride for you like I’ll ride for you my love, ain’t nobody gon die for you like I’ll die for you my love.

She moved away but it never stopped me thinking she’s the one for me, when she’s sleeping by my side that’s when I’ll lay comfortably, see I love it every time that I’m in her company, now I’ve got her by my side and I try but I still can’t believe.

Now it’s been a year, best year of my life, not gonna lie though we’re sharing the fights, some of them major kinda hard to play off, some of them we sort out some of them we may not, but at the end of the day I have the girl I dreamed of, the one I truly give my heart too, there is no moving past you, you are my other half boo, I consider you my soul mate, you make me smile where’s the colgate, food for thought is the saying and I’m always thinking of you so I’m guessing your the whole plate, that roller coster from the start, it was heading only up, now it comes down every once in awhile but it always goes back up thanks to our love.
Track Name: Hectickest
yo 60 knows that I’m hectic, I it proved down in Welly’s at a show where I met six, tat of his signature to show on my neck bitch, work in a freezer so I chill without the netflix, stabbing up a genie in the hopes I’ll get a death wish, party for the hecktickest, top of the guest list, this is kiwi rap redifined, aussie vs new zealand but I’m leaving that beef behind, wait I just can’t bro, they’re saying that they’re better but they aren’t though? tell kers I’m sicker and 60 look i’m heckticker, every song will prove it that I have inside my repertoire, so I’m walking down the street today, somebodies yelling hey it’s nice to meet you mate, he’s asking for my autograph and I say F it shit, grab myself a marker and sign from the Hectickest.

so Hecktic when they see me out in public, they can’t help but to label me a fuck wit, snapback backwards and the logo on it’s truck fit, and still wanna tell lil wayne to go and suck dick, see a trainer lifting dumb bells, snatch the weights off him just to show him how it’s done well, he wants to challenge me to bench press, i kindly turn him down as I’ve seen him stare at mens chests, right that’s enough of him, I burn other rappers give them cream they can rub it in, they’re trash, I’m searching through the rubbish bin, they set the bar so low when I walk I hit my fucking shin, type of guy to get my name on a tatted arm, got slim shady’s just to have a laugh, fucking your exhaust cus your sex drive, can’t pull the finger cus your busy pulling west side.

I’m hectic I changed the hook to say Fxt, I’ll talk behind your back while your still standing next to me, I’m cooking up some heat if you can read here’s the recipe, they’re all scared of me like I’m a grimm and they’re a Hexen Beast, rest in piece, to who I once was, released Heal the Wounds they’re like “oh this cunts soft”, well fuck off, I make music for myself and I, to me I think it’s hectic if it helps a life, My bars are colder than ice but at the same time any second could light, spitting heat like a dragon see my breath could ignite, stop leaning on me take the drugs out the sprite, look that’s a big cup, your repping that purple like your tryna get your dick sucked, don’t get it mixed up, I’m hectic and I know for sure, winning top prize but there’s no award, catch me at the grammy’s, going kanye with the mic giving thanks to your granny, living with no plan b, get off your feet take a seat if you can’t stand me.
Track Name: Point of No Return
I'm at the point of no return I’m exposing the truth, over the moon, never been closer to closure and proof, looking for answers deeper than why the ocean is blue, holding composure I’m on the brink of exposure it’s true, devotion is potent leaves high authority open to take remains of what’s broken and start controlling it too, let me break it down I’ll explain it simplistic, the rich gather wealth that they make through the system, the same system that ensures poor remain as the victim, honestly equality would only mess with the balance, the scales are the opposite and yes that is balanced, it’s funny, if those who really needed money could have it, then the rich would have less it is honestly tragic, we’re on the highway to hell and they’re controlling the traffic, no matter the religion if your Muslim or catholic, make it a habit not to believe what is shared to the masses, the information that your given’s from bullshit source, but of course you thought it came from the mouth of the horse, we’re in the eye of the storm, misleading information is only spread around through our own instigation, indication that we’re just pawns in a chess game, illuminati’s there if your wanting to get fame, because of 9/11 a weapons a jet plane, it’s running through our brains it’s what the government wanted, through the whole track I’ve been nothing but honest, so on this moment I’ma try deliver the truth, the way the world is run well the victim is you, see I want this shit to spread like ebola and aids, bio warfare is the reason these exist they were made, not developed by some monkeys or some bats in a cave, and I know cus my age that it’s hard to follow me, but I will rock your world like I’m haarp technology.
Track Name: Lost Ones
Babe I’m loving every second with you, and when I kiss you I can tell that my heaven is you, and I miss you when you leave, when you coming back, is the only thing I think but I understand, I can’t have you round the clock you need your own space, as long as you remember where your homes based, the last time that I let you get to home base, I let you hit it raw there was no wait, it’s OK I’m not late yet, I’m just saying that we need to use a latex, and I know how you feel about safe sex, but I’m only 16 I’m not ready for a pregnancy, so we’re making sure that’s it’s covered ‘fore it enters me, wait, hear me out and let me speak, when it’s you and me you will catch me with a smile but, I’m only 16 I’m not ready for a child.

I’m gonna tell you now that I cry sometimes, I cry sometimes about it, And boy that shit hurt, And aint nobody perfect, we can make it work but you doubt it, I’m gonna tell you now that I cry sometimes, I cry sometimes about it, And boy that shit hurt, And aint nobody perfect, still we can make it work but you doubt it.

Babe what you doing, don’t walk away, I’m wanting you to stay I’ve had an awful day, fine go like you always do, the going gets tough and you always seem to pull this move, I’m the reason that we’re pulling through, my love for you I treat it like it’s bullet proof, soon I know you’ll let a bullet through, and this love will die due to the bullet wound, look where are you going? I’m tired of you leaving and me not knowing, where I can find you and what you’ve be doing, who you’ve been seeing and who you’ve been screwing, yea the pills a form of contraception, can still fall pregnant if not using protection, listen, why you tryna agrue it? If we have a kid you will leave like my father did.

I’m gonna tell you now that I cry sometimes, I cry sometimes about it, And boy that shit hurt, And aint nobody perfect, we can make it work but you doubt it, I’m gonna tell you now that I cry sometimes, I cry sometimes about it, And boy that shit hurt, And aint nobody perfect, still we can make it work but you doubt it.

Eight weeks pass she is 12 weeks pregnant, due to affection being unprotected, the guy who got her pregnant found out and left her, admitted he was cheating said it all through a letter, “I was gonna tell you but you wouldn’t let up, as for the baby I wish you’d get rid of it, if not keep me off it’s certificate”, only 16 she’s not ready for a little kid, she’s heading to the clinic, a decision she had made but was never really with it, 20 years old new man with some crazy news, made themselves a plan they’re in love and a babies due, 2 months in and she’s rushed to the hospital, only to be told that her baby has now lost it’s pulse, she feels karma’s why it didn’t make it, as she thinks back to the baby that she terminated.

I’m gonna tell you now that I cry sometimes, I cry sometimes about it, And boy that shit hurt, And aint nobody perfect, we can make it work but you doubt it, I’m gonna tell you now that I cry sometimes, I cry sometimes about it, And boy that shit hurt, And aint nobody perfect, still we can make it work but you doubt it.
Track Name: The Letter
My life’s a nightmare a dream catcher cant help me, writing this is the only time that i've felt free, i haven’t left yet but already feel so forgotten, I thought once you hit the rock theres no more bottom, everyday I face this pain and sorrow, its hard going to sleep knowing it’ll be the same tomorrow, livings like a chore I have to force my heart to beat, I reflect on my life and I just start to weep, its sad to say I’ve discovered my comfort in a blade, I know its wrong but its like with one slit I am saved, my arms are covered with scars and plenty of bruises, they’re either self made or from dad being abusive, my life was ruined from the day he laid his hands on me, i was only four so what kind of man is he, I was warned of what would happen if I told my friends, I didn’t like the consequence so I’d hold my end, i always think to call the police but i hesitate, cus once I did and my eye was shut for seven days, rumor has it he was meant to be my guardian, but every problem I’ve ever faced in life is regarding him, the only way it could get any worse is if my mother died, I constantly have this thought of living on the other side, I imagine living my life free of worries, and my father finally smothering me in sorries, but reality kicks in and im awoken from this dream, my scars remain and my heart’s still broken at the seams, physically and emotionally im scarred, I tell my self I wont cry but when he gets close to me I start, my last birthday I celebrated alone, im bullied at school and can tell im hated at home, so many thoughts but I‘ve been to scared to say a word, while writing this I’ll finally make sure they are heard, my only escape is my diary my only friend, I think my life is about to reach its lonely end, my families poor I will never live in luxury, dad once said he loved me but that doesn’t mean much to me, as I’ve heard him say to mum his only one is her, but then I see him hitting just to punish her, this is when I realized hate and love go together, because the scars he put on his loved one will show forever, dad I hope you feel my pain when your reading this, but to be honest I already know you’ll find it meaningless, for my death I hope your held accountable, mum all I pray is that you help announce it all, by the way im sorry that this is what it came too, I just need you to know that I’ll never blame you, over time I’ve grown tired of living life in fear, I know I’ll have an out as long as this knife is near, as I hold it many thoughts travel my mind, life’s a smooth road but theres only gravel in mine, so im gonna cut my road short cus it’s a dead end, mum said I’ll be alright but she should’ve said when, now im taking fate into my own hands, my flirting with death is soon to reach a romance, I have to end this I feel my time is up, I’ve been holding this knife now I think its time to cut, heaven or hell will be better than this life, that’s the reason why you’ll find me dead with my wrist sliced.
Track Name: Extra
So I’m not a chopper or a helicopter that is plane to see, I’m not spitting lyrics like a missile at a dangerous speed, I’m not making songs to contribute to all these brainless teens, like my name is akon though you can put the blame on me, I’m happy while I’m laughing at society’s lack of intelligence, look at me while I’m riding into the room on the back of an elephant, rap shouldn’t be delicate, I’m doing it for the hell of it, whether it’s relevant to a topic or some fabricated truths, like a d12 fan your fascinated with the proof, I’m agitated turning my back on a problem but I had to face it in the end, I’m on the fence, take offence in the message I preach, you’ll see there’s not many as aggressive as me, I’m at home in my bed while your repping the streets, pulling west side bitch why your a prejudice geez, I’m a predator see I’m at the top of the food chain, you should pray your not my prey I don’t play with my food, it’s nothing new I shouldn’t do what I’ve done, I get a buzz off of conflict I do it for fun, come at me with a knife while I’m facing away, just another back stabber to be placed in a grave, look, I’ve never really cared much for other artists, lost connections with those that go back to the day I started, four years ago on the calendar I went and marked it, the day I made every rapper with a mic and beat a target, I leave them in my scopes while my fingers on the trigger, then I zoom in like my name is Justin Ritter, leave the bullet in the chamber it’s not the season for it, if I ever shoot there’ll be a reason for it, my trigger finger and my middle fingers up at the world, the only time you bust a nut is when your fucking a squirrel, I put in extra like it’s chewing gum, I’d talk about work but your doing none, I’m through with people and the bullshit they speak, here’s my speech, don’t talk your shit then act the same in the streets, when we meet, I wanna hear exactly what you think of me, rewind a few bars I have reason to let that finger squeeze.
Track Name: Dil Time
It’s Dilz on the drill shit, like i’m murdering a turd i’ma kill shit, Slim Jesus you think your cool running around getting cash yea? Fuck, there has to be a catch here, your getting paid and putting in less effort than a grocery store cashier, the shit you write doesn’t take effort, I was gonna hold back but “f” it.

I’m most likely the most lyrical motherfucker to ever go and touch a shitty beat like this, they’re asking me why have to always go and hit ‘em with the truth like “why you gotta be like this, beef like this”, read my lips, stop listening to cunts that are knee high kids, talking bout guns and weed high trip, cus your giving them a buzz like a beehive shit, you said if you were dissed, you would empty up a clip, so go and get your clique, I’ll be waiting where I sit, on point with the bars know it’s never hit or miss, see we’re going down a lane and i hate to reminisce, so it’s not filled with memories it’s filled with something else, it’s the lane that has me driving and you shot up at your house, while I fire out the mouth have me looking like a dragon, treat me like a doctor when I see him I’ma jab him, huh, see this tracks without a hook, I’ma tell it to him straight if he ever tries to cross me, he won’t get to look, he won’t even move a foot, I’ll be going through some rounds I’m not talking bout the boxing, fuck drill, fuck slim and any fan that supports him, this one goes to your mum bro, bitch you should’ve got an abortion, running around in your video cocking back a toy gun, don’t you think before doing that you should get a cock between your groin son? it’s beautiful your funeral have you laying out in a coffin, see I go by the name of Dilz and I’m straight outta Foxton.
Track Name: Stan
Dear Marcus, for many years you’ve been an inspiration, I started making music cus your innovation, the reason that I chase my dream your instigation, you taught me that we don’t need an invitation, from a label or some higher power, we don’t need to lean on people like the Eiffel tower, you did it on your own and now you travel the globe, you’ve made it this far just from rapping at home, nocturnal rainbows is the song that introduced me to you, now on the left side of my ribs I have it tattooed, your music really spoke to me, like poetry it helped my eyes with opening I realised I could rap too, December last year this guy that I had a idolised, was coming to New Zealand, I could finally see my idol live, spent the extra money and upgraded to the meet and greets, handed you my music that’s a dream complete.

Dear Flaw, I’ve been listening for some time now, whenever I get wound up your music helps me wind down, I like to think your music influences my sound, helps me with my flow and delivering my rhymes well, I found your music years ago on some rap forums, in my head I told myself that one day I would rap for him, and then I noticed you were using Sinima beats, take me away I had a similar piece, the music that your making it is there to save lives, at the same time you have this realness that you can’t find anywhere else, your easily my top 5, New Zealand is the country let me open if you stop by, couple years ago I hit you up for a feature verse, yea the fees were first but damn did you deliver, I’ve been sitting on the track until we’re both a little bigger, Falling, Dilz and Flawless coming at you in the winter.

Dear Slim, Em or Marshall Mathers, I feel it’s only right that you get this final passage, you probably hear this every day but I’m your biggest fan, no need to be alarmed stay calm cus this isn’t stan, my name is Dilz in a way you helped raise me, I’ve had your music in my ears since I was a baby, you’ve influenced my life who I am you’ve helped me be, this artist that’s inside it’s safe to say you bring it out in me, I was young died hair and liked earrings, thinking you were talking to me I liked hearing, now every show I do I always close performing lose yourself, as thinking bout my life with the mic I feel I suit it well, 2014 your only time here in NZ, thinking bout those lights of my nights it’s the best yet, there was hard times that your music gave a hand through, so now I’m reaching out as I’m giving you my thank you.